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Hunting Season

Hunting Season

Honing her craft at the Valentino accessory atelier, Danielle Corona made the move to launch her own collection in 2006. Sourcing handmade hardware and quality materials from the world’s finest tanners, her cult-label fuses luxury with functionality by way of Italian-made bags, belts, and plush velour clutches. With timeless, old-world shapes and refined natural leathers rendered in power reds and vintage-y yellows, her enduring designs are enough to convert any brand newbie into a loyal devotee.
6 items in Hunting Season
Hunting SeasonLarge Lola Bucket BagUS $550.00Put it in neutral.
Hunting SeasonSquare Compact ClutchUS $1,395.00A worthy evening contender when the dress code calls for fancier fare.
Hunting SeasonLarge Drawstring Bucket BagUS $875.00Handmade in Columbia, and designed to last a lifetime.
Hunting SeasonLeopard Bucket BagUS $625.00Spot-on.
Hunting SeasonEnvelope ClutchUS $595.00Handmade, with love, in Colombia.
Hunting SeasonSaddle BagUS $1,295.00Saddle up.
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