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Il Buco Vita

Il Buco Vita

Donna Lennard opened her famed New York restaurant, Il Buco, with a vison to create more than a dining space, but a community where ideas could be exchanged over the comfort of food. With her houseware line, Il Buco Vita, Lennard's dream is perfected in lovingly worn Mediterranean dishes, handcrafted in central and southern Italy. The dishware is meant to be a centerpiece around which love and family grows.
8 items in Il Buco Vita
Il Buco Vita Narrow Serving Cheese BoardUS $125.00US $75.00The prettiest dove gray ceramic, for whatever you’re serving.
Il Buco Vita Wide Serving Cheese BoardUS $125.00US $75.00Must love cheese. Or salumi. Or macaroons. Or…
Il Buco Vita Bevagna Oil & Vinegar CruetUS $95.00Handmade in small batches (in Italy, no less).
Il Buco Vita Assisi MugUS $70.00Italian craftsmanship at its finest.
Il Buco Vita Assisi Rimmed Dinner PlateUS $110.00Italian craftsmanship at its finest.
Il Buco Vita Assisi Rimmed Pasta BowlUS $105.00US $63.00From Italy, with love.
Il Buco Vita Assisi Rimmed Salad PlateUS $85.00US $51.00For serving side salads, small bites, and more.
Il Buco Vita Assisi Nested Oval Platters, Set of 3US $300.00Perfect for entertaining (and gifting, too).
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