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Indulgent combinations of pure botanicals, rare sea salts, and critical minerals, Ila’s skin and body care truly makes you feel as if you’re at a spa. The aromatherapeutic scents are absolutely out of this world, and the ingredients and sourcing are next-level: founder Denise Leicester only buys from farms that prioritize farmer workers and the environment, and she focuses beyond-organic into the realm of vibrational qualities within ingredients. Working with local co-ops in Pakistan and the Himalayas, the company empowers women through small enterprise; in the Amazon, it works with indigenous communities to preserve their way of life by creating sustainable tribal business models. Fittingly, ila is the Sanskrit word for “Earth”.
4 items in ila
ilaface oil for glowing radianceUS $118.00FOR DEWY SKIN: An ultra-hydrating botanical formula for naturally glowing skin.
ilabody scrub for energizing and detoxifyingUS $78.00Made with Himalayan salts, argan oil, and floral essences.
ilaBath Salts For Inner PeaceUS $78.00Himalyan sea salt and exquisite essential oils promote beautiful inner peace.
ilaBath Oil For Glowing RadianceUS $86.00An ultra-hydrating botanical formula for naturally glowing skin.
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