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Wildly chic and incredibly flattering, this beautifully-tinted, sumptuously textured makeup line started with lipsticks, setting a new bar of gorgeousness in the clean space and has expanded into delicately textured foundations, glossy mascaras, and more. Makeup artist Sasha Plavsic’s brother Zachary suffered from severe asthma growing up, prompting their mother to search for a cure primarily through diet, so the line’s focus on non-toxic ingredients—the skin is the body’s largest organ, after all—has been critical to the business. At the same time, her brilliant touch with pigments, both sheer and intense, go far beyond good for you into the realm of just plain fantastic.
15 items in ILIA
ILIATinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15$26.00Gorgeously subtle, these are made from shea and cocoa butters—plus, SPF.
ILIATinted Lip Conditioner$26.00This buttery lip balm is layerable color that never flakes or sticks.
These Days
Blossom Lady
Arabian Knights
ILIASilken Shadow Stick$28.00Thanks to a blend of oils, this glides on easily, leaving a velvety wash of color.
In Between Days
ILIAPure Eyeliner$24.00Formulated with coconut and shea butter, this eyeliner glides on effortlessly.
Havana Affair
Rebel Rebel
ILIAMulti-Stick$34.00This lends a hint of flush to cheeks, lids, and lips.
A Fine Romance
ILIAMascara$26.00Use it for gorgeous evening drama.
ILIALipstick$26.00This creamy, semi-matte lipstick feels fantastic going on—and lasts forever.
Perfect Day
Strike It Up
ILIALip Gloss$24.00Women swear by this ultra-flattering formula.
White Rabbit
ILIAIlluminator$34.00Maintain a summer glow or dewy shine year-round care of these rose hip oil-spiked formulas.
Polka Dots & Moonbeams
ILIAFoundation$44.00This shrinks pores, reduces shine, and fights bacteria—with long-lasting coverage.
ILIAConcealer Brush$30.00This super-soft synthetic brush is perfect for applying concealer anywhere you need it.
ILIACucumber Water Stick$42.00This super-hydrating stick toner hydrates and reduces puffiness, priming your skin for moisturizer or makeup.
ILIALimitless Lash Mascara$28.00The perfect inky-black, defining mascara.Sold Out
ILIASatin Cream Lip Crayon$24.00A beautifully pigmented, super-nourishing lip color.
Dress You Up
Tainted Love
Walk This Way
99 Red Balloons
Push It
ILIATrue Skin Serum Foundation$54.00This tinted moisturizer blends perfectly into skin, for medium coverage.
Formentera SF1
Texel SF3
Salina SF5
Chios SF6
Milos SF8
Maraca SF9
Montserrat SF10
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