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6 items in Incausa
IncausaBath & Meditation BundleUS $38.00Full of cleansing, soothing essentials to make bath time that much more enjoyable.Sold Out
IncausaPalo Santo Wood Hand-Pressed IncenseUS $12.00Not only is it incredible-smelling, it’s so pretty you don’t even need to wrap it.Sold Out
IncausaLarge Standard Singing Bowl SetUS $185.00Everything you need to help your meditation practice, in one beautiful bundle.Sold Out
IncausaStill Incense BurnerUS $88.00For the staunch minimalist.
IncausaBreu Resin Incense Parcel AssortmentUS $88.00Total burn time: 30 hours.
IncausaCedarwood Hand-Pressed Incense, Pure CedarUS $16.00"Is that Cedar in your pants or...?"
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