Jane Inc.

Before there was Jane Inc, Jane Diokas sourced ingredients from her San Francisco herb garden to create homemade bath products for her family. Today, she’s teamed up with her (adult) daughter to create a line of incredible soaks and effervescent cubes that harness the power of herbs and botanicals to help with detox, soothe aching muscles, encourage sleep, and more.
9 items in Jane Inc.
Jane Inc.Effervescent Cube Muscle Ache Bath$10.00This heals muscles and the mind, thanks to Epsom and sea salts, plus antioxidant essential oils.
Jane Inc.Effervescent Cube Go To Sleep Bath$10.00The ultimate before-bedtime ritual: It can put anyone straight to sleep.
Jane Inc.Effervescent Cube Less Stress Bath$10.00A deeply calming, effervescent soak with aromatherapeutic benefits (thanks to honey and patchouli).
Jane Inc.Effervescent Cube Energy Bath$10.00For an energizing, uplifting bath that includes fruit acids to leave skin incredibly smooth.
Jane Inc.Effervescent Cube Cold and Sinus Bath$10.00A powerful combination of baking soda, citric acid, eucalyptus and lemongrass to help clear congestion and soothe symptoms.
Jane Inc.Effervescent Cube Detox Bath$10.00An effervescent bath bomb that relaxes and detoxifies the body.
Jane Inc.Pharmacie Fizzie Oatmeal & Lavender$10.00This effervescent cube infuses your bath with milk, calming lavender, and oatmeal.
Jane Inc.Pharmacie Fizzie Arnica & Rosemary$10.00This effervescent cube infuses a bath with soothing, antiseptic arnica powder and rosemary essential oil.
Jane Inc.Pharmacie Fizzie Bergamot & Roses$10.00This effervescent cube infuses a bath with detoxifying bergamot essential oil and rose petals.
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