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Named for an inscription on a 2,000-year-old charm thought to cure illness and diseases, Jao’s fantastic-looking tubes and bottles are packed with delicately scented, supremely nourishing, irresistible botanical balms and creams. Founder Gale Mayron convinced her chemist father to join forces with her to produce the totally nontoxic line, which now includes everything from a beautifully textured, vacation-scented body balm-oil to a luxurious but effective bug repellent and a deeply nourishing face cream.
3 items in Jao
JaoGoe OilUS $50.00This gorgeous infusion contains skin-nourishing omega and essential fatty acids.
JaoPatio OilUS $30.00Infused with lemon-eucalyptus oil, think of this silky, supremely moisturizing, insect-repelling balm as summer (or tropical vacation) body cream.
JaoFace Crème NightUS $60.00An ultra-rich, deeply nourishing cream that plumps and smoothes.Sold Out
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