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K Jacques

12 items in K Jacques
K JacquesLaura SandalsUS $328.00Made in France, these leather sandals are both chic and comfortable.
K JacquesMinotaure SandalsUS $327.50On repeat all spring—and summer—long.
K JacquesTonkin SandalsUS $283.00The deep-sea hue looks right at home seaside.
K JacquesCalfat SandalsUS $310.00The ultimate plus one for any getaway (goes with just about everything you own).
K JacquesActium SandalsUS $280.00In sum: vacation gold.
K JacquesBagatel SandalsUS $335.00Slip them on for every vacation and wear them straight through the warmer months.
K JacquesDelta SandalsUS $308.00Puts the pedal to the metal in lame bronze.
K JacquesDottie SandalsUS $350.00Here, you’ll find the timeless crossover design and supportive ankle-wraps relevant, well, wherever you go.
K JacquesErka SandalsUS $290.00You’ll find the supportive ankle-wrap relevant, well, wherever you go.
K JacquesSeraya SandalsUS $345.00Like all K Jacques slip-ons, these are made, with love, in France.
K JacquesGanges SandalsUS $290.00Slip them on when you’re wandering the city, kick them off when you hit the sand.
K JacquesMathis SandalsUS $315.00Buckle the ankle straps and call it a day.
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