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Kiki de Montparnasse

Kiki de Montparnasse

Teetering on the edge of playful and provocative, this luxe lingerie label celebrates the female form with a collection of indulgent intimates. Launched in 2005, the name was modeled after the “Queen of Montparnasse,” the outspoken Parisian model and actress who characterized the roaring twenties in its heyday, exuding an unapologetic self-confidence brought back to life through the brand’s decadent designs. A daring mix of tulle, lace accents, and supple silk; each exquisite piece is incredibly luxurious, but intended for everyday wear.
14 items in Kiki de Montparnasse
Kiki de MontparnasseRibbed Intimate Kate Henley TankUS $145.00Like a henley, but sexier.
Kiki de MontparnasseRibbed-Knit BoyshortUS $85.00Surprisingly romantic.
Kiki de MontparnasseRibbed-Knit BraUS $125.00Feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.
Kiki de MontparnasseCoquette Ivory Lace ThongUS $125.00US $38.00When you want to go commando, but can’t quite pull the trigger.
Kiki de MontparnasseGrand Intime BriefUS $105.00US $32.00Though cheeky, they don’t skimp on coverage.
Kiki de MontparnasseIntime Crop TopUS $150.00Who knew a crop top could be so versatile?
Kiki de MontparnasseIntime High-Waisted BriefUS $85.00Boyish in the front, sexy in the back.
Kiki de MontparnasseSilk Naughty/Nice MaskUS $175.00US $53.00Communication is key.
Kiki de MontparnasseCoquette Garter BeltUS $150.00US $45.00The stretchy pull-on design makes it particularly easy to pull on (and slip off).
Kiki de MontparnasseRibbed Intime Long-Sleeve TopUS $225.00Three words: silk cashmere jersey.
Kiki de MontparnassePoison BriefsUS $175.00US $53.00Two intricately lacy layers, one sexy pair of briefs.
Kiki de MontparnasseLace Ouvert Soft BraUS $195.00Risqué, but in the best way possible.
Kiki de MontparnasseLace Ouvert ThongUS $165.00Those silky straps slide on just as easily as they slip off.
Kiki de MontparnasseVoyeur Frame Garter BeltUS $150.00US $45.00Stepping up your lingerie game begins with a garter belt.
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