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KYPRISPot of Shade Heliotropic$68.00This SPF is made of non-nano, non-whitening zinc oxide—it's brilliant as a primer, and perfect for those with sensitive skin.
KYPRISMoonlight Catalyst$77.00Use this miracle serum only at night, as a natural alternative to retinoids.Sold Out
KYPRISBody Elixir Inflorescence$95.00A potent elixir with skin-plumping sweet iris stem cells.
KYPRISBeauty Elixir II – Healing Bouquet$200.00With 24 active ingredients, this is a potent anti-ager and-healer.
KYPRISBeauty Elixir I – 1,000 Roses$225.00This active extract repairs and transforms dull, tired, and hormone-affected skin.
KYPRISAntioxidant Dew$72.0026 actives, from vitamins C and E to ferulic acid, tranform skin.
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