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La Californienne

La Californienne

Launched by husband-and-wife duo, Courtney Ormond and Leszek Garwacki, La Californienne breathes new life into vintage timepieces via beautifully revamped details. Sourcing luxe leathers from the world’s best tanneries, each strap and dial is hand-painted using punchy pops of color inspired by California’s vibrant sunsets. A youthful upgrade to the classics, their designs have a distinctly modern feel, yet made to last a lifetime.
4 items in La Californienne
La CalifornienneRolex Oyster Perpetual Watch, 34mmUS $8,500.00The iconic Rolex, beautifully reimagined.
La CalifornienneRolex Oyster Perpetual Watch, 34mmUS $8,500.00Decidedly modern yet luxuriously vintage.
La CalifornienneSmall Cartier Tank WatchUS $3,600.00Made in Switzerland, reimagined in California.
La CalifornienneRolex Oyster Perpetual Stainless Steel WatchUS $8,000.00Handsome and hand-painted.
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