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La DoubleJ

La DoubleJ

Born out of a love for vintage, La DoubleJ’s kaleidoscope prints and one-of-a-kind designs look like they’re straight out of 1969—in the best possible way. Which is exactly what journalist J.J. Martin (previously at Harper's Bazaar) had in mind when she teamed up with Mantero, the same 150-year old Italian silk manufacture used by Pucci and Dior. Using vintage fabrics sourced from Mantero’s archives, each ankle-grazing gown and nostalgic shift dress feels surprisingly modern, but never chasing the trends.
9 items in La DoubleJ
La DoubleJChoux DressUS $730.00Short and sweet.
La DoubleJArtemis DressUS $890.00Slips on in two seconds flat, but the details make it look utterly considered.
La DoubleJSwing DressUS $575.00For getting back into the swing of things.
La DoubleJLove SkirtUS $480.00What’s black and white and playful all over?
La DoubleJSuper Smokin' Hot DressUS $1,220.00US $488.00Roses are red...
La DoubleJSwing DressUS $735.00Get back into the swing of things.
La DoubleJGood Witch DressUS $1,095.00US $438.00The floral dress, completely redefined.
La DoubleJBellini DressUS $1,345.00Hi, prints charming.
La DoubleJDessert Plates, Set of 6US $350.00A set of six dessert plates, each one featuring a different vintage design.Sold Out
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