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Lavett & Chin

The artisanal, Brooklyn-apothecary-esque pump-bottles of Lavett & Chin could not be more chic, and the subtle, essential-oil-derived scents are gorgeous. But the important thing is the incredible shape they leave your hair in: shiny, bouncy, with a perfectly smooth texture. Their coolness applies to either gender, too—a rare feat. Put them in the shower and we guarantee all who visit will find themselves obsessed.
5 items in Lavett & Chin
Lavett & ChinSea Salt Texturizing Mist$35.00This is like a full day by the ocean in a bottle.
Lavett & ChinLeave On Conditioner$42.00This delivers serious bounce, major gleam, and smoothing protection.Sold Out
Lavett & ChinBlack Spruce Hair Wash$48.00Made with geranium, spearmint, rosemary, and black spruce oils, this is a works-for-every-hair-type cleanser.
Lavett & ChinBlack Spruce Daily Conditioner$48.00This ultra-nourishing hydrator seriously increases shine and manageability.
Lavett & ChinCoconut Moisturizing Facial Mist$42.00The ultimate rejuvenating, beautifying, use-it-anytime mist.
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