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LivOn Labs

LivOn Labs

Les Nachman, the founder of LivOn Labs, was recovering from a heart issue when he cracked the code on vitamin C supplements: liposomes. Liposomes are biological packets that help deliver “stuff” into cells, and Nachman hypothesized that if he made supplements that wrapped liposomes around water-soluble compounds, those supplements absorbed better into the body. LivOn Labs now uses liposome encapsulation technology for a line of gel supplements—from the original vitamin C to B-complex vitamins, magnesium, and glutathione.
2 items in LivOn Labs
LivOn LabsLiposomal Vitamin CUS $47.00Biology’s answer to low vitamin C absorption.
LivOn LabsLiposomal Magnesium L-ThreonateUS $70.00A magnesium supplement designed to work with your body.
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