Loren Stewart

Elegant yet edge-driven, Loren Stewart was launched in 2010 by Rachel Loren and sister-duo Satya Stewart and Annah Stewart-Zafrani. The designers first got their start by melting down old chains and reimagining them into new, contemporary styles. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, their sought-after jewelry line is a perfect mix of minimalist cool-girl pieces and gorgeous 14-karat golds with precious gemstones that you can wear everywhere.
15 items in Loren Stewart
Loren StewartID 1 Diamond Bracelet$373.00Elegantly understated yet eye-catching at the same time.
Loren StewartTeardrop Cuff$670.00Simply clip-on and let the topaz teardrops do all the talking.
Loren StewartSquare & Diamond Bar Stud Earrings$524.00White sapphire and diamond, in a cool architectural earring.
Loren StewartDazzle Choker$475.00
Loren StewartXL Disk Bracelet$1,055.00
Loren StewartSunbeam Orbit Arc Earclip$850.00
Loren StewartGemini Gemstone Pin / Stud$495.00
Loren StewartDisk Hoop And Stud Set$385.00
Loren StewartDiamond & Square Bar Stud Earrings$420.00More lightweight than your typical drop earring.
Loren StewartDisk Hinge Studs$1,800.00The delicate hinged "disks" are especially eye-catching.
Loren StewartObi Diamond Hoop$738.00Just dainty enough to wear every day.
Loren StewartInverted Wire Ear Cuff$166.00Discreetly sexy and a little edge-driven (no piercing required).
Loren StewartStandard Valentino Necklace$493.00A subtle touch of glamour.
Loren StewartPearl Triangle Bracelet$756.00Freshwater pearls give it vintage appeal.
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