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Sage Lehman worked in the film industry, but she loved making natural skincare products for friends and family on the side. As demand grew, she developed the perfect formula for lip balm in her kitchen—light, hydrating, and slightly shiny—and went into business. Her soothing balms are made in Brooklyn, and we especially love the Sunday Morning balm which is made with five hydrating oils and butters to gently coddle and hydrate lips.
3 items in LOVE + SAGE
LOVE + SAGEWell Red Lip BalmUS $12.00A hydrating lip balm that leaves lips looking flushed.
LOVE + SAGESunday Morning Lip BalmUS $12.00A super-hydrating balm that feels absolutely amazing on lips.
LOVE + SAGEDaydreams Lip BalmUS $12.00LIGHT BALM: Six nourishing organic oils, one perfect lip balm.
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