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Maiami—brought to life in 2003 by Maike Dietrich—started out as her personal hobby hand-knitting fuzzy, color-happy sweaters from the softest, most incredible fabrics for close friends. Based out of Berlin, she’s famous for her ladylike cardigans and plush pullovers fashioned from cushier-than-cashmere blends of mohair, virgin wool, and indulgent alpaca. Her designs have a charming nostalgia to them—a little bit like vintage, but better.
4 items in Maiami
MaiamiMohair Pleated SweaterUS$430.00You’ll have this one on repeat (it’s classic like that).
MaiamiWool Big SweaterUS$538.00The very definition of chunky.
MaiamiStriped Mohair SweaterblouseUS$468.00Cozy doesn’t even begin to cover it.
MaiamiPearl Pattern Big CardiganUS$634.00A sweet, warm embrace in the form of a chunky hand-knit sweater.
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