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Inspired by his love of yoga, architect Peter Sterios set out to design a better yoga mat, and with the Manduka mat—now a classic—he succeeded. Named for his yogi mentor’s favorite pose, frog, the classic black mat quickly became a favorite of both teachers and students; now the company makes mats, straps, and blocks, all thoughtfully designed and made from renewable resources.
6 items in Manduka
MandukaGRP Yoga MatUS $128.00A yoga mat that grips for you.
MandukaEnlight Rectangular BolsterUS $68.00The yin to our…yin.
MandukaCork Yoga BlockUS $20.00Our number one supporter.
MandukaAlign Yoga 8' StrapUS $16.00Holding things together.
MandukaCotton BlanketUS $38.00Savasan-ahhhhhhhh.
MandukaThe Restorative BundleUS $162.00Just add yoga mat.
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