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Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel

They’re the duo behind the now-iconic drawstring bucket bag. And Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel’s story is one of those overnight-successes that’ll make anyone’s ears perk up: Girl meets girl at XX concert in LA. Both are, respectively, design- and art-school grads that share a common contemporary aesthetic. Both see void in the market for luxury bags at a less-than-a-monthly-mortgage price. And in 2012, volià: Mansur Gavriel was born. Here’s the rundown: No overt branding or extra frills, just clean, sophisticated—and yet no less practical—Italian-made bags designed with the minimalist in mind.
12 items in Mansur Gavriel
Mansur GavrielGlove Mary JaneUS $395.00Fits like a—oh, you know.
Mansur GavrielMultitude ToteUS $850.00Roomy enough for your laptop, the latest goop book club read, a light layer...
Mansur GavrielDouble CrossbodyUS $395.00Double or nothing.
Mansur GavrielZip Bucket BagUS $695.00The perfect companion for farmers market missions, all-day errands, anything really.
Mansur GavrielSoft BootsUS $695.00That supple Italian leather ages like fine wine (aka the older it gets, the better).
Mansur GavrielCloud SandalsUS $395.00Sandal with care.
Mansur GavrielCircle Bucket BagUS $595.00A cute farmers market companion.
Mansur GavrielOversized ToteUS $695.00Sized to fit anything and everything you might need in a day.
Mansur GavrielCloud ClutchUS $595.00Comes in, uh, clutch.
Apple Blossom
Mansur GavrielTie SandalsUS $295.00The type of Italian-made sandals you usually have to fly to Sorrento for.
Mansur GavrielCampania Fino SandalUS $295.00Came for the bags, stayed for the summer-ready sandals.
Mansur GavrielMini Saffiano Bucket BagUS $525.00True blue.
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