One of Italy’s most iconic brands, Marni was founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni, who had somewhat of a cult following in the fashion world for her larger-than-life shapes, bold jewelry, and chunky, statement-making shoes. When Castiglioni stepped down from the brand in 2016, Prada alum Francesco Risso took the helm as Creative Director, expanding on the brand’s quirky personality and Italian identity.
29 items in Marni
MarniEarrings Circles with Strass$630.00$189.00Proof positive that Marni knows its way around a statement necklace.
MarniShort-Sleeve Polo Neck Shirt$710.00$213.00The polished detailing take this traditional polo from classic to supremely cool.
MarniFussbett Leather Sandals$780.00Street-smart sandals.
MarniSleeveless Crewneck Striped Top$540.00Equal parts edgy and preppy.
MarniPleated Silk-Blend Skirt$2,690.00Keep the rest of your look monochrome to spotlight the statement-making piece.
MarniLight-Pink Jeweled Sandals$960.00Fringe benefits.
MarniEmerald Resin Earrings$680.00Green with envy.
MarniThree-Tier Blue Resin Earring$680.00Adds a wink of color-blocking to anything monochrome.
MarniShort-Sleeve Mohair Sweater$1,090.00Warm and fuzzy.
MarniCanvas & Leather Shoulder Bag$2,690.00Arm candy.
MarniPink Leather Shoulder Bag$2,140.00The most exquisite shade of blush-pink.
MarniGingham Cotton Skirt$890.00In check.
MarniV-Neck Mohair Sweater$1,150.00Stripes that don’t look like anything you already own.
MarniColor-Block Shoulder Bag$1,890.00Earns its stripes for everyday.
MarniJeweled Fussbett Sandals$1,060.00Fancy footwork.
MarniPearl Cotton-Linen Skirt$1,150.00The summer-weight cotton-linen blend is in a word: perfect.
MarniSpaghetti Strap Slip Dress$1,380.00$828.00Effortlessly ethereal.
MarniV-Neck Cashmere Sweater$1,000.00$600.00Equally classic and offbeat.
MarniPleated Printed Skirt$1,437.00$862.00Endlessly ethereal.
MarniStriped Slide Sandals$690.00$414.00Monochrome stripes, with a color-happy edge.
MarniButton-Down Printed Blouse$858.00$515.00If spring came in blouse form, this would be it.
MarniResin Square Earrings$468.00$281.00The next big thing in hoops.
MarniSlingback Contrast Sandals$738.00Minimalist yet statement-making at the same time.
MarniRed Cardigan$760.00$456.00Prim and a little bit playful.
MarniFussbett Sandal$690.00Note the cool crisscross construction.
MarniBowling Bag$1,980.00$1,188.00We’re especially into the retro shape.
MarniLong-sleeve Turtleneck Sweater$860.00$516.00It has a luxuriously soft, paper-thin feel.
MarniStriped Turtleneck Dress$1,872.00$1,123.00The bold ‘70s-esque stripes add instant impact.
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