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Maria Dobrzanksa Reeves (Marysia is her old family nickname) spent her childhood in a ballet-focused boarding school before graduating to lifeguarding in her teen years. All the time in leotards, swimsuits, and later, wetsuits, made swimwear a perfect fit for her first design project. She’s become famous for her often-copied scalloped-edge swimsuits and her bright, feminine sensibility.
6 items in Marysia
MarysiaVenice JumpsuitUS $473.00US $284.00Sexy and shoulder-baring.
MarysiaMexico Maillot SuitUS $345.00US $207.00Doubles as a bodysuit on dry land.
MarysiaSouth Fork MaillotUS $295.00US $177.00Classic with a knotty twist.
MarysiaSanta Clara MaillotUS $300.00US $180.00Check mate.
MarysiaAntibes TopUS $120.00US $72.00Unapologetically sunny in lemonade-colored gingham.
MarysiaAntibes BottomUS $120.00US $72.00It doesn’t get more quintessentially Marysia than this bikini.
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