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MATCH Pewter

MATCH Pewter

When David Reiss founded Match in 1995, his was the only pewter-centric collection available in all of the United States. Though based out of NYC, the instantly recognizable pewter pieces are all made in private workshops throughout Northern Italy by artisans whose knowledge of the craft goes back generations.
14 items in MATCH Pewter
MATCH PewterPewter Match Box with StrikerUS $150.00Assume the mantle.
MATCH PewterVasoUS $280.00A solid pewter vase, handmade in Italy, in a timeless, goes-with-everything design.
MATCH PewterBud VaseUS $135.00Handmade in solid Italian pewter, this bud vase is gorgeous (and unbreakable).Sold Out
MATCH PewterCrystal Ice BucketUS $275.00Made of pure crystal with a solid pewter base, this ice bucket is truly a keepsake.
MATCH PewterBottle Opener, ForgedUS $69.00An impressive solid-pewter bottle opener, hand-forged with scalloped detailing.
MATCH PewterPint GlassUS $74.00Made with a solid pewter base, this pint glass is bound to become a family heirloom.
MATCH PewterCrystal Neat Shot GlassUS $48.00A crystal shot glass with some serious weight to it.
MATCH PewterCrystal Highball GlassUS $75.00A pure crystal cocktail glass made even more special with a solid-pewter base.
MATCH PewterBedside carafe and TumblerUS $140.00A beautiful two-piece glass set with a thousand-and-one possible uses.
MATCH PewterPewter TeapotUS $494.00This exquisite, classically Victorian teapot is the kind of piece you keep forever and pass down to your grandchildren.
MATCH PewterConvivio Large Round Serving BowlUS $350.00A part of the classic Convivio collection, this oversized ceramic serving bowl is rimmed with Italian pewter and can be used for everything from sides to fresh fruit presentations.
MATCH PewterConvivio Soup BowlUS $118.00We particularly love the luxe ceramic-and-pewter combination.
MATCH PewterConvivio Salad PlateUS $110.00The elegant answer to side salads and decadent desserts.
MATCH PewterConvivio Dinner PlateUS $118.00Made-in-Italy, this timeless dinner plate is entertaining gold.
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