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13 items in Matteau
MatteauSquare MaillotUS $300.00How sweet is the strawberry sorbet color?
MatteauSquare Knit DressUS $450.00A prime example of Matteau’s less-is-more philosophy.
MatteauLong Poncho with BeltUS $620.00This + strappy sandals + a Campari spritz.
MatteauOpen Back Plunge DressUS $600.00Reason enough to book that beach vacation you’ve been yearning for.
MatteauGathered MaillotUS $300.00It’s a one-piece in the front, bikini in the back.
MatteauSquare Crop TopUS $135.00The exception to “don’t be a square.”
MatteauCocoon DressUS $600.00A godsend on those how-is-it-this-hot days.
MatteauHigh Waist BriefUS $135.00Sleek, sexy, and perfect with any black bikini top.
MatteauThe String Triangle TopUS $135.00US $41.00Classic to its core.
MatteauOne Shoulder MaillotUS $300.00US $90.00That single strap = high drama.
MatteauClassic BriefUS $135.00US $41.00These, plus any bikini top you already own.
MatteauPlunge MaillotUS $300.00US $90.00Take the plunge.
MatteauThe High Waist BriefUS $135.00US $41.00High waist = hell yes.
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