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Mosser Glass

Mosser Glass

The Mosser family has been in the glass business since the 1950s, when Thomas Mosser decided to go out on his own after the famed Cambridge Glass Company closed its doors, eventually planting his fledgling company’s roots in Cambridge, Ohio in 1970. Now a bona fide heritage brand, Mosser is known the world over for churning out incredibly elegant, heirloom-quality, hand-pressed glassware in a rainbow of colors.
9 items in Mosser Glass
Mosser Glass x goopgoop-Exclusive Pink Glass CandlesticksUS $86.00Mosser made these in pink just for us.Exclusive
Mosser GlassGlass Cake DomeUS $52.00Puts the “fresh” in fresh-baked goods.
Mosser GlassPink Glass Dessert Plates, Set of 4US $105.00In a pretty opaque pink, they’re perfectly sized for petite portions of salads and desserts.
Mosser GlassPink Glass Cake Stand, 10"US $82.00Use it to display everything from fresh-baked muffins to after-dinner desserts.
Mosser GlassPink Glass Goblet Set of 2US $40.00Rose-colored glass drinking goblets in a two-piece set.
Mosser GlassPink Glass PitcherUS $45.00Made of rose-colored, hand-pressed glass, this pitcher is seriously pretty (and works as a flower vase, too).
Mosser GlassPink Glass Tumbler Set of 4US $52.00These rose-colored glasses are so beautiful, whether used for drinking water or as a simple bud vase.
Mosser Glass3-Piece Pink Glass Mixing Bowl SetUS $85.00So pretty, we suggest using these beyond obvious kitchen prep as serving bowls.
Mosser GlassBathing Lady DishUS $34.00Soap dish, jewelry bowl, nightstand catchall...Coming Soon
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