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Founded by designer Tim Kaeding and Lela Becker in 2010, Mother has become a front-runner (and goop favorite) in the denim industry thanks to their incredibly soft fabrics and fantastic-fitting jeans with a laid-back, west coast vibe. Made-in-LA, the designs are the perfect mix of playful and casual, vintage-inspired silhouettes—‘70s band tees, frayed flares—intended for everyday wear.
7 items in MOTHER
MOTHERThe Tomcat JeansUS $245.00Simply put, these jeans nail the whole lived-in vibe.
MOTHERThe High-Waist Looker JeansUS $208.00Expect these to become your favorite everyday pair pretty much instantly.
MOTHERThe Looker Crop SkinnyUS $198.00Nothing screams summer quite as softly as a pair of white skinnies.
MOTHERThe Tomcat Kick Fray ShortsUS $228.00 Ripped and frayed—exactly how we like it.
MOTHERThe Breaker Breaker Crop JacketUS $345.00US $104.00Fiery and featherlight.
MOTHERThe Hustler Ankle JeansUS $218.00Leave it to MOTHER to find your favorite new jeans.
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