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Olio E Osso

Olio E Osso

Paola Lamorticella had been a makeup artist for more than 25 years, but it wasn’t until she became the mother of a son with irritated skin that she developed her signature lip balm. Made primarily from olive and shea oils, her balms are made by hand and adorably packaged in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. Some are spiked with citrus, others with eucalyptus, and still others are masterfully pigmented into some of the most flattering your-lips-but-better shades on earth.
4 items in Olio E Osso
Olio E OssoBalmUS $28.00TINTED LIP + CHEEK BALM: A deep-hydrating lip/cheek balm with gorgeous, sheer color.
No 2 French Melon
No 3 Crimson
No 4 Berry
No 5 Currant
No 6 Bronze
No 9 Spring
No 10 Tea Rose
Olio E OssoNo. 1 - Clear BalmUS $28.00Conditions everything from lips to cuticles to split ends.
Olio E Osso3 Balm Gift SetUS $75.00These three universally flattering balms add a hint of gleam to cheeks and lips.
Olio E OssoNo. 0 - Netto BalmUS $28.00THICK BALM: Infused with menthol to stimulate the senses, this is also rich and moisturizing.
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