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Paper Crane Apothecary

4 items in Paper Crane Apothecary
Paper Crane ApothecaryChill Child - Kid Calming Mist$27.00For chilling out the kids, this rosewater and Reiki crystal-infused aromatherapy mist is incredible.Sold Out
Paper Crane ApothecaryPsychic Vampire Repellent $27.00A protective mist designed to shield you from negative energy and safeguard your aura.Sold Out
Paper Crane ApothecaryClean Slate $27.00Nothing but good vibes courtesy of this energy-cleansing aromatic mister.Sold Out
Paper Crane ApothecaryEverlasting Love$27.00This mist blends aphrodisiac essential oils and crystal-infused water to encourage love to flow in your life.Sold Out
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