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Founded out of Garrett Markenson’s Santa Clarita salon, Reverie’s minimalist packaging and neutral packaging are cleaned up enough for women without being too feminine for men. Markenson’s also known for being an innovator in the still-growing area of clean styling products.
5 items in Reverie
ReverieRake Styling BalmUS $36.00This nourishes and conditions as it gives light support and major bounce.Sold Out
ReverieMilk Anti-Frizz Leave-In ConditionerUS $42.00FOR FRIZZ/DRY HAIR: This light, silky cream leaves hair feeling soft and touchable without weighing it down.Sold Out
ReverieShampoo & ConditionerUS $70.00Sold Out
ReverieShampooUS $38.00This luxurious cleansing cream is perfect for all hair types, especially color-treated.
ReverieConditionerUS $40.00FOR NORMAL HAIR: This brilliant daily conditioner leaves hair looking shiny, bouncy, and healthy.
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