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RIG-TIG by Stelton

RIG-TIG by Stelton

While Danish kitchenware brand Rig Tig is known for collaborating with a global group of designers, their aesthetic is decidedly Scandinavian—i.e. minimalistic design, which is ideal for the kitchen where function is king. Although you won’t find any extra bells and whistles here, expect thoughtfully beautiful design that’s functional in the smartest sense.
2 items in RIG-TIG by Stelton
RIG-TIG by SteltonPastry SpatulaUS $19.00This spatula head is the perfect size for seamless scooping, mixing, folding, and even stovetop cooking.
RIG-TIG by SteltonButterboxUS $34.00Keeps butter soft but not melty on the countertop and fresh in the fridge, too.Sold Out
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