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RMS Beauty

Top makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift loved her job until a series of health issues prompted her to undergo blood testing, which revealed toxic levels of heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals. The technician conducting the tests immediately asked Swift whether she worked in the cosmetics industry. The experience prompted her to start one of the original clean makeup lines, RMS. The surprise is how far beyond just-clean it goes—the formulas are exquisite, the packaging chicly modern, and the colors wildly flattering. Makeup artists, editors, and stylists everywhere are obsessed; so are we.
16 items in RMS Beauty
RMS BeautyPeach Luminizer$38.00A bronze-peach highlighter that can also be used for subtle contouring.
RMS BeautyChampagne Rose Luminizer$38.00A subtle but stunning golden-pink highlighter.
RMS BeautyLuminizer X Quad$48.00These four subtly gorgeous, creamy luminizers create a super-flattering, delicately dewy effect on cheeks, brow bones, and eyelids.
RMS BeautyEye Polish Brush $22.00This rounded, elongated brush makes all the difference when you’re applying cream eyeshadow.
RMS BeautyPop Collection$44.00RMS’s skin-flattering bestsellers packaged into a genius lightweight mini compact—you’ll use every ounce of these essential cream colors.
RMS Beautylipshine$25.00This slick little pot is one of those powerhouses that can make an entire look.
RMS BeautyMaster Mixer$38.00Blend it over cheekbones, browbones, the bridge of the nose, bow of the lips, or even the eyelid.Sold Out
RMS BeautyUltimate Makeup Remover Wipe - 20 Pack$16.00Cleanses and heals with complexion-perfecting coconut.
RMS BeautyLip2Cheek$36.00You can use these ultra-flattering shades on both lips and cheeks.
RMS BeautyLiving Luminizer$38.00This highlighter illuminates skin from within.
RMS BeautySmall Deluxe Raw Coconut Cream$18.00The ultimate, all-natural makeup remover for all skin types.
RMS BeautyCream Eye Polish$28.00These eye polishes double as eye cream.
RMS Beauty"Un" Powder$34.00Use this to set your base without leaving any toxic residues behind.
RMS BeautyBuriti Bronzer$28.00A gorgeous sun-kissed glow, made from Buriti oil, packed with Vitamin A and Beta-carotene.Sold Out
RMS BeautyDefining Mascara$28.00For dark, long, defined lashes with this beautifully pigmented formula.
RMS Beauty"Un" Cover-Up$36.00This moisturizing and healing cover-up smoothes blemishes and blends easily.
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