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Serbian-born Roksanda Ilincic is known for her beautifully structural silhouettes and retro-with-a-twist cuts. Which makes perfect sense considering the woman was knee-deep in architecture school before getting her master’s degree at Central Saint Martins. Her modern aesthetic and couture-like attention to detail (pretty pleats here, ring embellishments there) is evident in each and every design—especially her beloved bags
5 items in Roksanda
RoksandaMahira Colorblock Ruffled Silk SkirtUS $1,585.00US $476.00Candy-colored and chic.
RoksandaIndo Wool-Blend Suit JacketUS $2,015.00US $605.00In a word: arresting.
RoksandaRadella Wool-Blend Suit PantsUS $1,230.00US $369.00A whole lot fashion-forward and a little bit throwback.
RoksandaEfilia DressUS $1,812.00US $544.00The sheeny tangerine ribbon feels so avant-garde.
RoksandaRoma TrousersUS $1,179.00US $354.00A pick-me-up pastel that’ll perk up whatever you wear it with.
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