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Sarah Hendler

6 items in Sarah Hendler
Sarah HendlerSignature Spear Half HoopsUS $2,625.00A minimal update on classic gold hoops.
Sarah HendlerShirley Spear Tip Pendant NecklaceUS $1,050.00The love is in the details.
Sarah HendlerEmerald Center Spear StudsUS $1,170.00Just the right amount of edge for everyday.
Sarah HendlerShirley Spear BangleUS $1,800.00On point(s).
Sarah HendlerShirley Spear HoopsUS $3,600.00Spot the mark of a Sarah Hendler creation: her signature spear.
Sarah HendlerShirley Marquis LariatUS $4,000.00The best part? You can wear it as a necklace or a wrap bracelet.
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