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Sasawashi fabric is made by blending two revered Japanese materials—yarns of Washi paper and the leaves of the kumazasa plant—to create a new super-fiber that retains the best properties of both. Washi is a unique paper, absorbent of both oil and water, used to control heat and UV rays in the summer. Kumazasa thrives through harsh winter weather and has antibacterial properties—together, they make for a gentle yet hard-working cleansing cloth or towel.
3 items in Sasawashi
Sasawashi Sasawashi Body Scrub MittUS $26.00The elongated shape is brilliantly designed to thoroughly scrub even the hardest to reach areas.
Sasawashi Sasawashi Bath MatUS $80.00A gorgeous bath mat that gently massages the feel as you step out of the bath. Sold Out
Sasawashi Sasawashi Mesh Body Scrub TowelUS $14.00This thoroughly exfoliating wash cloth is not for the faint of heart. Sold Out
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