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For the past 400-plus years, SKULTUNA has specialized in the production of fine brass objects. King Karl IX of Sweden founded SKULTUNA in 1607—incredibly, it has survived one flood (the entire factory floated away) and three fires (which burnt the factory completely down), and is still located in the same place in the Swedish province of Västmanland. Today, SKULTUNA continues to work with skilled designers from around the globe on their home accessories (candle sticks, flower pots, wall sconces) and fashion accessories (bracelets, cuff links, and pins) line.
3 items in SKULTUNA
SKULTUNATea Light Holder, Set of 5US $120.00The mismatched circular shapes look incredibly elegant both clustered and spread out.
SKULTUNASolid Brass Napkin RingsUS $52.00Shimmering, polished brass napkin rings add an instant touch of glam to any dinner table.Sold Out
SKULTUNAPomme Medium Vase US $100.00Best in brass.Sold Out
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