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Smile Makers

Smile Makers

When a trip to the sex store left product designer Peder Wikstrom disenchanted, he decided it was time to disrupt the industry. He teamed up with a former co-worker, Mattias Hulting to create a series of four playful, sexy vibrators, bringing not just their sleek design sense, but also a sense of humor into what’s often an overly-serious, less-than-aesthetic product category. They crowdsourced more than a thousand women about their sexual fantasies, then named the vibrators after the most popular ones. For instance, the Millionaire, the Frenchman, the Tennis Coach, and the Fireman. (Can you tell we’re charmed by the the names?) They come in cool designs and colors; they’re also super quiet, battery-powered, waterproof, and can cycle through different speeds and pulsing modes.
6 items in Smile Makers
Smile MakersThe Romantic VibratorUS $89.00Fall in self-love.
Smile MakersThe Tennis Coach VibratorUS $55.00Working on your self-service game.
Smile MakersThe Ballerina VibratorUS $200.00An external vibrator with a squishy but firm texture.New
Smile MakersThe Millionaire VibratorUS $55.00Feels like a million bucks.
Smile MakersThe Frenchman VibratorUS $55.00Oui, oui, oui!
Smile MakersThe Fireman VibratorUS $55.00Heating up.
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