Based in Milan, Spektre’s entire manufacturing process takes place in Italy–meaning that their frames are beautifully, and durably built. We love them for fun, forward-thinking shapes, and the modernist blue-mirrored lenses they first became famous for.
4 items in Spektre
SpektreMorgan Sunglasses$199.00Sleek, glossy black details make them extra-sophisticated.
SpektreMet-Ro 2 Flat Sunglasses$289.00The round frames are endlessly hip.
SpektreBel Air Sunglasses$205.00These sunglasses’ modern look plays with proportions, eschewing the usual bridge support with a cool, statement-making brow-bar.
SpektreAudacia Havana Sunglasses$205.00Havana tortoiseshell coloring gives these cool blue-mirrored lenses a vintage feel.
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