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Spinelli Kilcollin

Spinelli Kilcollin

Yves Spinelli founded his clean, architecturally inspired line of fine jewelry in 2010, to this day still designed and made in Los Angeles. Yves was inspired to study jewelry in high school; in 1997, he moved to LA, where he worked at the iconic jewelry boutique at Maxfield for several years—which would later be the first boutique to sell his now-iconic Galaxy Rings (interconnected bands of different sizes that can be worn across multiple fingers or together to create a stacked look). His one-and-done designs are quintessentially contemporary, somehow both maximalist and minimalist all at once—fresh, cool, but also timeless.
21 items in Spinelli Kilcollin
Spinelli KilcollinSonny Yellow-Gold RingUS $2,800.00Fair warning: You’ll never want to take this off.
Spinelli KilcollinAmaryllis RingUS $880.00Gold? Silver? Why choose one when you can have both?
Spinelli KilcollinMarigold RingUS $1,400.00Would you look at those gorgeous grey diamonds?
Spinelli KilcollinPetunia RingUS $2,300.00Band together.
Spinelli KilcollinHyacinth RingUS $900.00Circle back.
Spinelli KilcollinCasseus EarringsUS $1,900.00Those bottom hoops? They’re detachable.
Spinelli KilcollinAra Deux Hoop EarringsUS $1,400.00Annulet it happen.
Spinelli Kilcollin x goopRaneth Pavé Cognac RingUS $4,100.00The white and cognac diamond combination is so striking.Exclusive
Spinelli Kilcollin x goopCici RingUS $2,200.00Nail the mixed metals and stacked ring effect in one fell swoop.Exclusive
Spinelli Kilcollin x goopJuno RingUS $7,400.00Going green.Exclusive
Spinelli KilcollinLeela Hoop EarringsUS $2,400.00Oversized yet dainty enough to wear all day.
Spinelli KilcollinSirius Noir RingUS $1,500.00A beautiful band adorned with a tiny trio of annulets rings.
Spinelli KilcollinAra SG Hoop EarringsUS $1,400.00A welcome upgrade to the classic hoop.
Spinelli KilcollinOrion RingUS $900.00Can be worn stacked or spread out across your fingers.
Spinelli KilcollinMercury RingUS $900.00The most effortless (and luxurious) way to achieve the stacked-ring look.
Spinelli KilcollinColumba SP EarringsUS $7,200.00Yellow gold, rose gold, and silver links dripping with diamonds—these earrings are seriously glamorous.
Spinelli Kilcollin x goopAltaire Silver EarringsUS $1,600.00Updated hoops in silver and gold, with detachable huggie earrings for an understated option.
Spinelli KilcollinColumba EarringsUS $3,000.00Solid-gold chain link earrings to add touch of edge-driven glamour.
Spinelli KilcollinSirius Royal RingUS $2,700.00A gold ring so glamorous it comes with jewel-encrusted rings of its own.
Spinelli Kilcollin x goopSolariumUS $750.00 An excellent way to work mixed metals.
Spinelli Kilcollin x goopTigrisUS $1,900.00This stacking ring trio's focal point is the grey-diamond encrusted, rhodium-plated silver band.
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