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Partners Jonathan Schwartz and Keith Peterson have a pretty serious pedigree when it comes to the athletic-wear space: Schwartz is an Ironman finisher several times over (his father was also a co-founder of Calvin Klein Inc.), and Peterson spent the majority of his career at major fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana. Their name is inspired by the final push you make to cross the finish line right before the second hand gets to :00.
8 items in Splits59
Splits59Caroline Seamless Sports BraUS $45.00Complete the look with matching leggings and pullover.
Splits59Give JacketUS $195.00US $59.00Courtside, cooldowns, and every on-the-run scenario in between.
Splits59Midfield TightsUS $106.00A pretty switch-up from basic black.
Splits59Loren Rib Seamless BraUS $42.00Biggest perk: It’s seamless, so it never digs or rubs you the wrong way.
Splits59Warm-Up Colorblock Fleece PulloverUS $88.00The luxe fleece is luxe against skin and miraculously moisture-wicking.
Splits59Venice Striped Full-Length LeggingsUS $110.00Here, the striking cobalt shade alone is enough to kick us into high gear.
Splits59Half Full-Zip JacketUS $160.00Early morning walks, nighttime runs, studio sessions, you get the gist.
Splits59Fame PantsUS $114.00Found: Your new BFF for going to and from workouts.
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