Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney hardly requires an introduction. Since she launched her London-based brand 15 years ago she’s been one of London’s most respected designers; we look to her for excellently tailored dresses and blazers that have just the right amount of personality. Stella’s also a life-long vegetarian, and never uses any leather or fur in her designs; her gorgeous faux fur and faux leather have made her a global leader in cruelty-free clothing.
18 items in Stella McCartney
Stella McCartneyTurtleneck Jumper$645.00$387.00A beautiful, hardworking base-layer.
Stella McCartneyCarina Dress$895.00$537.00This his-for-her shirt-dress is your reliable office-standby.
Stella McCartneyAnna Trousers$645.00$387.00The kind of polished pant that demands attention.
Stella McCartneyIngrid Tailored Jacket$1,215.00$729.00Borrowed from the boys, yet tailor-made for her.
Stella McCartneyCrewneck Jumper$750.00$450.00The luxurious lace-and-velour combo is downright gorgeous.
Stella McCartneyEdith Coat$1,495.00$897.00Sharp, polished, and androgynously sexy.
Stella McCartneyEmbroidered One-Piece$425.00$255.00Note the cheeky embroidery and gently scalloped details.
Stella McCartneyEdith Coat$1,495.00$897.00The polished peacoat you’ll rely on for work, travel, and every chilly evening out.
Stella McCartneyMud Coat$2,450.00$1,470.00A truly modern trench.
Stella McCartneyScarpa Loafer$640.00$384.00Bonus points for the glam gold-chain accents.
Stella McCartneyInk Trousers$595.00$357.00Polished perfection.
Stella McCartneyInk Blazer$1,325.00$795.00A Stella McCartney signature.
Stella McCartneyRuffle Shirt$665.00$399.00Beautifully detailed in the most romantic way.
Stella McCartneyDenim Jumpsuit$985.00$591.00A modern update on a ‘70s-style jumpsuit.
Stella McCartneyPopper Small Bucket Bag$1,285.00An excellent replacement for your tired work tote.
Stella McCartneyFalabella Crossbody Clutch$795.00The iconic Stella McCartney Falabella bag, shrunken down into a perfectly sized cross-body.
Stella McCartneySmall east west tote$985.00
Stella McCartneyKnickers Of The Week (7-Piece Set)$225.00$135.00Sweet and a little thrilling, too.
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