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Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney hardly requires an introduction. Since she launched her London-based brand 15 years ago she’s been one of London’s most respected designers; we look to her for excellently tailored dresses and blazers that have just the right amount of personality. Stella’s also a life-long vegetarian, and never uses any leather or fur in her designs; her gorgeous faux fur and faux leather have made her a global leader in cruelty-free clothing.
18 items in Stella McCartney
Stella McCartneyFaded Denim Culottes$565.00Equal parts classic and edgy.
Stella McCartneyTurtleneck Jumper$590.00McCartney’s fan-favorite turtleneck, back for more in season-spanning sky blue.
Stella McCartneyHigh-Waisted Wool Trousers$795.00Spotlight this modern update with a splash of color up top and bright kicks below.
Stella McCartneyCamel Wool Jumper$825.00A fun riff on classic pullovers.
Stella McCartneyKnickers of the Week$235.00Something cheeky for every day of the week.
Stella McCartneyLace Pumps$725.00Romantic in every sense of the word.
Stella McCartneySmall Embossed Snake & Python Shoulder Bag$1,370.00Hello, date-night holdall.
Stella McCartneyMedium Stella Star Shoulder Bag$1,370.00A stellar addition to any outfit.
Stella McCartneyLaurel Faux Fur Jacket$1,650.00Faux a little drama in your day-to-day.
Stella McCartneyWide-Leg Raw Denim Trousers$825.00Denim + trousers = the perfect hybrid.
Stella McCartneyBlack Pointy Toe Pumps$625.00Everything about them reads sexy.
Stella McCartneyWhite Ankle Boots$685.00Made in Italy from a cruelty-free faux leather.
Stella McCartneyChelsea Boots$1,040.00A sexy riff on Chelsea boots.
Stella McCartneyGabrielle Dress$2,480.00Americana with a twist.
Stella McCartneyStar T-Shirt$410.00Star-struck.
Stella McCartneyCicely Trousers$725.00Slinky and sexy.
Stella McCartneyAlter Snake Small Shoulder Bag$1,245.00The little white bag you’ll carry everywhere.
Stella McCartneyBlack Slouch Boots$995.00These slouchy boots were made for walking.
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