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Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney hardly requires an introduction. Since she launched her London-based brand 15 years ago she’s been one of London’s most respected designers; we look to her for excellently tailored dresses and blazers that have just the right amount of personality. Stella’s also a life-long vegetarian, and never uses any leather or fur in her designs; her gorgeous faux fur and faux leather have made her a global leader in cruelty-free clothing.
8 items in Stella McCartney
Stella McCartneyFalabella Tote BagUS $1,235.00For the woman who always comes prepared.
Stella McCartneyMini Star Shoulder BagUS $895.00Cue stars in eyes.
Stella McCartneySmall Shoulder BagUS $1,245.00Luxe and ladylike (you’ll carry it everywhere).
Stella McCartneyAll-In-One Silk SatinUS $1,725.00US $518.00Draped silk + elegant lace = yes, please.
Stella McCartneyPolka-Dot Silk JumpsuitUS $2,295.00US $689.00Add in bright kicks and it means business; pretty pumps and it’s ready to party.
Stella McCartneyPuff-Sleeve Poplin Button-Up ShirtUS $620.00US $186.00Bright idea: Unbutton it a bit and work in a bunch of layered necklaces.
Stella McCartneyContrast Trim Triangle TopUS $170.00US $51.00Count on Stella to make swimwear that’s both sexy and sustainable.
Stella McCartneyYvonne DressUS $1,550.00US $465.00The sun-and-cloud illustration is totally enchanting.
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