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Summerill & Bishop

Summerill & Bishop

In the fine linens business for over two decades, London-based Summerill & Bishop (also a brick and mortar homewares shop on Portland Road) is the brainchild of two longtime pals, June Summerill and Bernadette Bishop. Revolving around the perfect tablecloth, their range now includes napkins, aprons, and placemats—many are punctuated with color-happy details and all are finished in an elegant, easy-to-care-for vintage wash.
8 items in Summerill & Bishop
Summerill & Bishop Red-and-White-Striped TableclothUS $420.00US $126.00Summer entertaining, solved.
Summerill & Bishop x goopShades of Blue NapkinUS $37.00Done is a beautiful blue gradient, this linen napkin is a welcome pop-of-color to any tablescape.
Summerill & Bishop x goopS&B Classic White Wine GlassUS $20.00This goop-exclusive, exquisitely detailed wine glass is best suited for formal dining and special occasions.
Summerill & Bishop x goopS&B Classic Red Wine GlassUS $20.00Available only in the goop Shop, these are the ultimate special-occasion glasses.
Summerill & Bishop x goopS&B Classic Champagne FluteUS $20.00A formal champagne flute with gorgeous detail—available only in the goop Shop.
Summerill & Bishop Fade Linen TableclothUS $356.00From London, with love.
Summerill & Bishop Fade Linen NapkinUS $37.00The hand-dipped pink ombré is exceptionally pretty.
Summerill & Bishop Vintage Style Champagne Coupe US $34.00Fitzgerald-era elegance.
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