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Sun Potion

After travelling the planet for the purest, most transformative ingredients, Santa Barbara-based surfer Scott Linde—whose background in Rolfing attuned him to the world of natural remedies—launched supplement brand Sun Potion. The health-supporting powders contain powerful blends of medicinal plants, adaptogenic mushrooms, nutrient-packed algae, as well as other superfoods; they’re incredible mixed into smoothies, coffee, tea, water or anything you like. Whether you’re looking for glowier skin, more energy, or sexier sex, Sun Potion’s powders are a fantastic place to start.
8 items in Sun Potion
Sun PotionAshwagandha$43.00An excellent tonic for immune health, sexual vitality, and harmonized mood.
Sun PotionHe Shou Wu$57.00This is a favorite longevity, beauty, and rejuvenation food.
Sun PotionAstragalus$57.00Astragalus may support longevity, circulation of energy, digestion, and immunity.
Sun PotionReishi$53.00As an ancient longevity food, this may support immune resilience, stress relief, and mental clarity.
Sun PotionMucuna Pruriens$43.00This may support mood, brain function, and overall wellbeing.
Sun PotionRhodiola$57.00This Tibetan Qi tonic improves the body’s ability to absorb oxygen and may support mental clarity.
Sun PotionCordyceps$53.00Great added to soups, smoothies, raw chocolate, and anytime you are looking to activate sensuality and endurance.
Sun PotionChlorella$35.00Add this nutritious algae powder to anything from a glass of water to a morning smoothie.
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