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Suzanne Kalan

Suzanne Kalan

It was inevitable for Suzanne Kalan, whose father was a jeweler and whose husband is a diamond setter, to find her way to the industry, which is exactly what she did in 1988 with the launch of her collection. Her designs—hovering somewhere between wear-everyday and special-occasion-sparkle—have a unique, asymmetrical aesthetic, something she calls “controlled chaos”. Tennis bracelets reimagined in scattered settings, precious diamond rings done with “leaning” baby baguettes, and more keepsakes-in-the-making.
26 items in Suzanne Kalan
Suzanne KalanMedium Lines BandUS $1,200.00Your favorite new band.
Suzanne KalanSmall Heart NecklaceUS $1,800.00Baguette about it.
Suzanne KalanFireworks Post EarringsUS $800.00Setting the bar high.
Suzanne KalanFringe Post EarringUS $2,000.00On the fringe.
Suzanne KalanMini Dog Tag NecklaceUS $3,900.00Tag, this necklace is it.
Suzanne KalanSpiral Sideways HoopUS $1,550.00The perfect spiral.
Suzanne KalanDiamond Baguette Drops NecklaceUS $2,700.00Shiny. Sophisticated. Artful.
Suzanne KalanDiamond Zigzag Firework BangleUS $7,400.00A sparkly twist on a fan-favorite.
Suzanne KalanEmerald Thin Hoop EarringsUS $1,300.00What the hoop-la is all about.
Suzanne KalanEmerald Mini Circle Stud EarringsUS $1,400.00A stunning take on the stud.
Suzanne KalanCurved Mini Hoop EarringsUS $1,750.00Dangling for compliments.
Suzanne KalanHalfway Emerald Baguette BandUS $3,500.00Green ring finger > green thumb
Suzanne KalanOne of a Kind Small Round Emerald NecklaceUS $900.00Green party.
Suzanne KalanBaguette Diamond RingUS $3,500.00A streamlined approach to a ring stack.
Suzanne KalanDiamond Firework BangleUS $8,000.00The tonal white gold setting boosts its sparkle.
Suzanne KalanEmerald & Diamond Flower RingUS $1,400.00The baguette diamond halo boosts the dimensional luster.
Suzanne KalanDiamond Firework Stud EarringsUS $2,800.00A daily firework display.
Suzanne KalanFirework Diamond NecklaceUS $2,700.00Extra light-catching thanks to the asymmetrical stones.
Suzanne KalanDiamond Circle Dangle EarringsUS $1,500.00A sparkly dream-catcher for your ears.
Suzanne KalanBaguette Diamond Firework BangleUS $7,400.00A modern riff on a traditional tennis bracelet.
Suzanne KalanLarge Diamond HuggiesUS $4,800.00Huggies with an impactful twist.
Suzanne KalanSmall Diamond Firework RingUS $3,500.00A fiery display of diamonds.
Suzanne KalanDiamond Cluster NecklaceUS $3,800.00Equal parts impactful and intricate.
Suzanne KalanSmall Chandelier EarringsUS $1,500.00Intricately structured in the most gorgeous way.
Suzanne KalanBaguette Diamond HuggiesUS $1,350.00They glisten in the most exquisite way.
Suzanne KalanEmerald Flower EarringUS $3,200.00A vision in emerald.
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