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Rooted in the exciting emerging science of the skin’s microbiome and the ways it may play a role in our overall health as well as the state of our skin, this San Francisco brand emphasizes a minimalist approach to skin care. With a background in natural skin care, chemistry, microbiology, clinical medicine, and pharmaceutical development, chief scientific and product officer Larry Weiss cofounded the company with Vicki Levine to build a simple, balanced, and healthy skin-care routine, no matter what a person’s skin type. Every product is made with fewer than ten ingredients, with each ingredient is chosen for its ability to work synergistically with the others to nourish, hydrate, protect, and calm the skin. The entire range works beautifully for all skin types, even problematic and sensitive skin. The results: soft, smooth, glowing, healthy-looking skin that feels fantastic.
2 items in Symbiome
SymbiomeThe Renewal Daily CleanserUS $60.00To help maintain the skin’s natural microbiome, this foaming gel-to-milk cleanser is made with just seven ingredients.
SymbiomeThe One Restorative CreamUS $125.00This silky, nourishing, amazing-on-all-skin-types cream is made with just three ingredients to support and rebalance the skin’s microbiome.
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