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Tammy Fender

There’s truly nothing on earth like a facial with legendary Palm Beach aesthetician Tammy Fender, who’s been practicing in the beauty and healing space for more than 25 years. Her approach to skincare is holistic, with a reliance on fresh ingredients (all of her products should be used within 90 days of opening) and luxurious, ancient healing materials like Bulgarian rosewater and avocado oil.
16 items in Tammy Fender
Tammy FenderPlant Milk$125.00A cushiony-shield between your skin and the world, this gentle, whole-plant treatment is a true miracle.New
Tammy FenderAwakening Eye Gel$84.00This is an anti-inflammatory mix of elderflower, chamomile, and green myrtle.
Tammy FenderBulgarian Lavender Body Oil$65.00This exquisite body oil is made with the most incredible lavender, plus ultra-moisturizing oils for a treatment that relaxes the body, clears the mind, plumps and softens skin, and leaves you smelling fantastic.
Tammy FenderPurifying Cleansing Gel$50.00This oxygenating, energizing gel calms and clarifies oily and acne-prone skin.
Tammy FenderBulgarian Rose Water$65.00This refreshing toner instantly balances and replenishes skin.
Tammy FenderIntensive Repair Balm$130.00The ultimate lifesaver for damaged skin, this helichrysum-spiked balm aids in calming irritated, raw skin—it’s also an incredible moisturizer.
Tammy FenderClarifying Dermagel$72.00A soothing bestseller for breakout-prone or aging skin.
Tammy FenderEpi-Peel$80.00Purifies, soothes, and clarifies skin for a gorgeous glow.
Tammy FenderThe Purist Hand Sanitizer$14.00This foamy, all natural hand sanitizer combines 11 super-effective, germ-fighting botanicals.
Tammy FenderTrès Rose Duo$125.00The organic Bulgarian rose oil in both the bath gel and body oil nourishes and harmonizes skin.
Tammy FenderQuintessential Serum$175.00A restorative serum with superantioxidant rose hip seed oil.
Tammy FenderSpontaneous Recovery Crème$165.00A thick, luxurious cream filled with nourishing ingredients that protect skin even under extreme conditions.
Tammy FenderCleansing Milk $55.00Soothing lavender and the purifying herb fo-ti combine to cleanse and nourish the skin.
Tammy FenderRestorative Radiance Masque$235.00One of the most soothing, moisturizing, luxurious masks ever.
Tammy FenderAntioxidant Crème$95.00An energizing, free-radical-fighting formula that works overnight.Sold Out
Tammy FenderRose Geranium & Tangerine Body Lotion$75.00A lightweight, generously skin-firming antioxidant lotion.
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