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Tammy Fender

Tammy Fender

There’s truly nothing on earth like a facial with legendary Palm Beach aesthetician Tammy Fender, who’s been practicing in the beauty and healing space for more than 25 years. Her approach to skincare is holistic, with a reliance on fresh ingredients (all of her products should be used within 90 days of opening) and luxurious, ancient healing materials like Bulgarian rosewater and avocado oil.
5 items in Tammy Fender
Tammy FenderBulgarian Lavender Body OilUS $65.00This exquisite body oil is made with the most incredible lavender, plus ultramoisturizing oils for a treatment that relaxes the body, clears the mind, plumps and softens skin, and leaves you smelling fantastic.
Tammy FenderRestorative Radiance MasqueUS $235.00One of the most soothing, moisturizing, luxurious masks ever.
Tammy FenderIntensive Repair BalmUS $130.00The ultimate lifesaver for damaged skin, this helichrysum-spiked balm aids in calming irritated, raw skin—it’s also an incredible moisturizer.
Tammy FenderAwakening Eye GelUS $84.00This is a soothing mix of elderflower, chamomile, and green myrtle.
Tammy FenderSpontaneous Recovery CrèmeUS $165.00A thick, luxurious cream filled with nourishing ingredients that protect skin even under extreme conditions.
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