Tata Harper

With her chic green-glass jars and pots, Tata Harper set a new bar for glamour within the natural skincare space; she’s also taken authenticity in sourcing to a new level, formulating and growing the majority of the ingredients in her products on a certified organic farm in Vermont. From her best-selling, glow-inducing masks to her adorable lip-cheek tints, the entire line is pure, natural luxury.
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Tata HarperRetinoic Nutrient Face Oil$125.00See a serious change in the look of your skin with this rich face oil, made with naturally-occurring retinoic acid extracted from rosehips, it’s brilliant for every skin type, from aging to breakout-prone.
Tata HarperPurifying Mask$65.00The ultimate skin detox, this brilliant mask combines aloe, white clay, and sandalwood-seed oil to combat the effects of aging and pollution.
Tata Harperrevitalizing body oil$95.00An incredibly hydrating oil that leaves skin plumped and firm.
Tata HarperLip And Cheek Tint$36.00This earns two-in-one pride of place in every purse, desk drawer, and makeup cabinet.
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Tata HarperClarifying Spot Solution$32.00Treats blemishes by removing impurities and reducing inflammation on the spot (literally).
Tata HarperAromatic Bedtime Treatment$60.00This calms an overactive mind and helps lull you to sleep.
Tata HarperAromatic Stress Treatment$80.00This deeply calming combo will chill even the most frantic overachiever.
Tata HarperVery Highlighting$40.00This miracle brightening balm naturally highlights the face.
Tata HarperAromatic Irritability Treatment$65.00An on-the-go treatment that instantly dispels irritation.Sold Out
Tata HarperRestorative Eye Creme$95.00An ultra-nourishing, delicately-textured eye cream that plumps and smooths lines—brilliant under concealer.
Tata HarperSmoothing Body Scrub$75.00This has five gorgeous exfoliants (including Himalayan and Hawaiian sea salt).
Tata HarperNourishing Oil Cleanser$68.00This oil dissolves makeup, cleanses and softens all at once.
Tata HarperMoisturizing Mask$115.00Use once a week to intensely hydrate and revitalize skin.
Tata HarperResurfacing Mask$58.00Gentle but powerful, this mask cleanses and shrinks congested pores.
Tata Harperhydrating floral essence$68.00This rose-infused mist is deeply hydrating, yet lightweight.
Tata HarperRegenerating Cleanser$78.00This essential-oil-packed cream exfoliates skin with plant-based microbeads.
Tata Harperconcentrated brightening serum$230.00This anti-aging serum balances skin tone and fades dark spots.
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