The Beach People

8 items in The Beach People
The Beach PeopleStonewash Washcloth$14.00Extra points for the super-soft, stonewash finish.
The Beach PeopleStonewash Hand Towel$26.00Goes with practically all kitchen/bathroom design schemes.
The Beach PeopleStonewash Bath Towel $79.00Fringe with benefits.
The Beach PeopleCotton Travel Towel $79.00Works overtime as a chic cover-up.
The Beach PeopleStonewash Bath Mat $38.00Fast-drying, softly textured, and the perfect neutral hue. Sold.
The Beach PeopleFrench Linen Napkins, Set of 4$45.00These only get softer the more you wash them.
The Beach PeopleFrench Linen Tablecloth$85.00In 100% French linen, it has farmhouse-chic written all over it.
The Beach PeopleFrench Linen Coasters, Set of 4$29.00The micro-stripes are particularly elegant.
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