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The Beauty Chef

The Beauty Chef

Australian entrepreneur Carla Oates, founder of the bestselling organic, pre- and probiotic-infused beauty ingestible line (which also makes amazing topical skincare) The Beauty Chef, has built her business based on her own experience as a teenager with troubled skin. Diet changes when she was twelve helped her skin clear. After a career as a beauty editor, she began making organic fermented foods at the same time that she started experimenting with creating skincare formulas. The resulting ingestible pro- and pre-biotic powders and liquids, plus skincare essentials, work in tandem to help you look and feel great, inside and out.
7 items in The Beauty Chef
The Beauty ChefBeauty Boost KitUS $45.00Three liquid pro- and prebiotic supplements designed to support healthy, glowing skin.Sold Out
The Beauty ChefSleep Inner Beauty PowderUS $60.00
The Beauty ChefProbiotic Skin RefinerUS $75.00TONER: This bio-fermented toner refines the skin by exfoliating and hydrating—all in one clean tonic.
The Beauty ChefBeauty Fix BalmUS $30.00PROBIOTIC FACE BALM: The fermented coconut in this balm is as amazing for clogged pores as it is for dry skin or lips.
The Beauty ChefAntioxidant Inner Beauty BoostUS $50.00
The Beauty ChefHydration Inner Beauty BoostUS $50.00
The Beauty ChefGlow Advanced Inner Beauty PowderUS $70.00
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