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The Beauty ChefProbiotic Skin Refiner$75.00This bio-fermented toner refines the skin by exfoliating, hydrating, and boosting collagen production.
The Beauty ChefHydration Inner Beauty Boost$50.00Add a shot of this superpowered probiotic concentrate to improve gut health as well as skin.
The Beauty ChefGlow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder$70.00This smoothie-perfect powder is packed with naturally fermented prebiotics and probiotics.
The Beauty ChefDream Repair Serum$75.00This powerful serum supercharges skin’s collagen production overnight with camellia seed oil, tomato, sea buckthorn, and antioxidant microalgae.
The Beauty ChefBeauty Fix Balm$30.00The fermented coconut in this balm is also antibacterial, so it is as amazing for breakout-prone skin as it is for anti-aging and repair.Sold Out
The Beauty ChefAntioxidant Inner Beauty Boost$50.00This is essentially a daily dose of probiotic, organic, bio-fermented, high-enzyme nutritional support.
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