Trendglas JENA

German brand, Trendglas JENA, produces the highest-quality, heat-resistant (up to 842°F!) glassware for cooking, baking, boiling, serving tea and coffee, and more. Their glass products, which are made from a type of glass called Borosilicate 3.3, contain no heavy metals, do not discolor, and are safe for the stove, microwave, and dishwasher. Trenglas JENA products can also withstand sudden, dramatic temperature changes, and extreme cold (down to -31°F), making them great freezer containers, too.
5 items in Trendglas JENA
Trendglas JENANarrow German Glass Cup Set of 6$30.00Dishwasher-safe, and both heat and cold resistant.
Trendglas JENALarge German Glass Mug$22.00This is made with the finest quality, heat (and cold) resistant glassSold Out
Trendglas JENAGerman Glass Water Kettle$35.00 Here, a minimalist design makes for an equally elegant and functional kettle.Sold Out
Trendglas JENAGerman Glass Pitcher$22.00This sleek pitcher from master glassware brand is best filled with a fun party drink.
Trendglas JENAGerman Glass Fat Separator$24.00Use this fat separator glass for every roast you make.
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