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Tropic of C

17 items in Tropic of C
Tropic of CPraia Skinny String BottomUS $80.00Striped, stringy, and just a little bit skimpy.
Tropic of CSana Twisted Bandeau TopUS $90.00The twisted stripes are straight-up flattering.
Tropic of CPraia Triangle TopUS $80.00The classic string bikini gone wild.
Tropic of CVibe BottomUS $80.00Green piece.
Tropic of CThe C One-PieceUS $160.00Imagine how pretty that muted apricot color will look against sun-kissed skin.
Tropic of CPraia String BottomUS $70.00Zebra crossing.
Tropic of CAjuma TopUS $90.00Elle Macpherson would be proud.
Tropic of CCurve BottomUS $80.00US $24.00Starry night.
Tropic of CZanzibar TopUS $80.00US $24.00In muted paprika red, this sexy triangle bikini top is equal parts unexpected and classic.
Tropic of CZanzibar BottomUS $80.00US $24.00On the ropes.
Tropic of COnda BottomUS $80.00US $24.00Pretty on paper, badass in the surf.
Tropic of CRoma Open-Back One-Piece SwimsuitUS $280.00US $84.00High neck and high fashion.
Tropic of CArc Cropped Knit Swim TopUS $125.00US $38.00Surfing, sun-bathing, sipping margaritas—where you go, it goes.
Tropic of CSouth Pacific TopUS $90.00See those chic cap sleeves? No rubbing, digging, or tugging at the neck.
Tropic of CSouth Pacific High-Rise BottomsUS $80.00Rise above.
Tropic of CVibe BottomUS $70.00The 1980s called…they want their bottoms back.
Tropic of CVibe TopUS $80.00Lose the straps when you’re lying out.
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